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LAST CALL for Landowners code D, Z to update info

A last call has now been issued for landowners or their heirs who have not yet appeared before the District Land Offices to update their information. Previous deadline is now extended to the
31 DECEMBER 2016​.


The ​Lands Department, Ministry of Development, is extending their services to land owners by introducing 'Online Land Payment'. The Online Land Payment will enable land owners to pay their pending land payments such as annual rent, stamp duty, premium and registration. For now, this new online land payment facility receives credit cards only. In the near future, online banking will be facilitated.

Intrusion Into State Land s32 of the Land Code Chp 40

​Annual bushfire occurrences have managed to clear large parts of forest areas which are normally left alone. These areas, now devoid of any thick vegetation, seem to entice prospectors eyeing spots for agricultural activities. In some areas, these activities have slowly began to sprout and are becoming a growing concern to relevant government agencies.


100 Tahun Pentadbiran Tanah